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Scorpion 71
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How it plays:· Scorpion cues have a stiff hit· "Water Buffalo" tips supply-increased control and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke.Selling Points:· Scorpion cues are armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection against warping and dings. · Developed especially for four-time world champion, Johnny Archer.Weight Changes:· Weight changes are impossible to do on Scorpion cues because the bumper is sealed in to protect the cue from outside conditions.Specifications: Tip: 13mm, Hard Water Buffalo Ferrule: Capped and threaded fiber ferrule. Shaft: : A wood core shaft with fiberglass coating. 13-14" pro taper. The base has a black collar with thick silver ring. The plastic insert in the shaft seals and protects it from outside conditions. Joint: Black implex collar with thick silver ring and a steel pin. The plastic helps seal and protect this end of the cue from outside conditions. Pin: 3/8x14 Butt Construction: -wood core -fiberglass shield -transfer design -clear coating Forearm: Hot pink forearm transfer. Wrap: Black irish linen wrap Butt Sleeve: Hot Pink transfer. Butt Cap: Hot pink plastic sealed to protect from outside conditions with bumper screwed in.
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