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Tiger Paw 3-Cue Holder

Tiger Paw 3-Cue Holder
Item# QHTP3
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Tiger Products is pleased to introduce a new and unique cue holder, the Tiger Paw. Since this innovative cue holder doesn't need to be fastened to your table, it will not cause any scratches or nicks. Made from quality aluminum, the Tiger Paw® Cue Holder is anchored with a brass center and lined with vinyl pads to secure it into place. The Tiger Paw® Cue Holder is flexible enough to accommodate all bar tables, regardless of the shape. All you need to do is set it on the table top and open its arms. Comes in Black only. This Tiger Paw holds 3 cues, small enough to fit in any cue case pouch and is lined with quality leather to protect your cues from marks and scratches. Tiger Paw® Cue Holder, get a grip!
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