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Q Claw 1-Cue Holder

Q Claw 1-Cue Holder
Item# QHQC1
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Self weighted cue holder allows you to move from table to table with ease, fits easily into most cases, and will not mar your cues. This is the best self weighted cue holder that is on the market. It is small enough to fit in almost every case. If you are in a tournament or league play and you have to move from table to table who wants to unscrew the cue holder and screw it back to another table? Why do that when you can easily move the qclaw anywhere in the bar. The qclaw one holder would even fit in your pocket. There are enough things to worry about in a tournament dont let the cue holder distract you. The qclaw is heavily weighted and has a grippy bottom so it does not shift around. This one holds 1 cue.
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