Cyclop Professional TV Tournament Pool Ball Set-In Stock Soon!Zoom

Cyclop Professional TV Tournament Pool Ball Set-In Stock Soon!

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Using a recipe that originally produced classic ball sets such as the Brunswick Centennials, the Cyclop Ball Company has introduced a new standard of excellence for tournament billiard balls. Each ball is composed of approximately 85% phenolic resin, as opposed to the typical 57% of many competing billiard ball brands. The high resin content and highly polished finish reduce skid and throw allowing the balls to roll true and eliminate friction related variances. Each ball is precisely measured for weight and roundness. The balls weight tolerance is 169g (+/- 1/2g). This tournament set introduces pastel color balls, and is the official ball set of the BCAPL National Championships, The CSI Pro Invitational series, in addition to numerous other professional and amateur tournaments.
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