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Schon CX37 - Ebony

Schon CX37 - Ebony
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Schon CX37 - Ebony

The Schon CX37 custom cue incorporates a piloted stainless steel joint and shorter shaft taper to offer a stiff hit for the serious player who appreciates a high performing, well crafted pool stick. Of course, well crafted is an understatement, as this cue is backed by proprietary manufacturing techniques and fine detail. Interesting grey stained Birdseye Maple on the forearm and sleeve is adorned with striking inlays of ebony and red stained maple in point shapes and interesting designs. Balabushka style rings in ebony and nickel silver, along with the black Irish linen wrap with white specks, ties the designs together. In business since 1981, Schon employs a small in-house staff of full-time craftsmen who give great attention to quality. And because the cues are produced in smaller quantities, designer Evan Clarke is able to personally finish and test each cue, ensuring it stands up to the German meaning behind the name Schon…beautiful.


  • Tip: 13mm proprietary backed tip, hard (similar to water buffalo tip)
  • Ferrule: Proprietary "Schon" brand.
  • Shaft: 29'' long with a 10" to 12'' pro taper, hardrock maple
  • Collar: Black proprietary plastic with a nickel silver ring
  • Joint: Polished stainless steel, piloted
  • Pin: 5/16 x 14 stainless steel
  • Forearm: Grey stained Birdseye Maple, five natural Birdseye Maple points with ebony veneer, five ebony and red stained maple inlaid designs.
  • Rings: Ebony and nickel silver rings, often referred to as "balabushka rings"
  • Wrap: Black Irish Linen with White Specs
  • Sleeve: Grey Stained Birdseye Maple with natural Birdseye Maple reverse points and ebony veneer, five ebony and red stained maple inlaid designs and five triangle shaped inlays
  • Plate: White proprietary plastic
  • Bumper: Black rubber
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