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Cuetec CT273 Pool Cue

Cuetec CT273 Pool Cue
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Cuetec CT273 Pool Cue

Unassuming in its appearance, the Cuetec CT273 pool cue is endorsed by world champion, Earl Strickland, and features his signature on the forearm. A solid wood core is encased by a fiberglass shield, which is finished black on the forearm and sleeve. A Veltec wrap with a thin epoxy resin coating finishes off the sleek look of this high performance, tremendously strong cue. Outside moisture and temperature changes are locked out by a “power bonding process” to prevent warping, and the cue is impervious to dings and dents. The result of its construction process is a stiff hit cue that feels like wood. Best of all, the brilliant technology behind this cue is offered at a reasonable price. ***Notice: The Earl Strickland Series are no longer made with an Earl Strickland signature on them.***


  • Tip: 13mm LePro Tip
  • Ferrule: Capped and threaded fiber ferrule
  • Shaft: Hard rock maple power bonded with fiberglass, 15 1/2" pro taper SST Shaft
  • Collar: Black Implex
  • Joint: Solid Black implex plastic
  • Pin: 3/8 x 14 stainless steel
  • Forearm: Black finish
  • Rings: thick silver trim rings
  • Wrap: Black Veltec Wrap
  • Sleeve: Black finish
  • Plate: Black
  • Bumper: Black rubber
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