Athena ATH13 Purple Hearts Women's Pool CueZoom

Athena ATH13 Purple Hearts Women's Pool Cue

Athena ATH13 Purple Hearts Women's Pool Cue
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Athena ATH13 Purple Hearts Women's Pool Cue

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, justice and skill…common attributes of fantastic female pool players everywhere. The Athena ATH13 pool stick is a beautiful, yet deadly weapon that will gain you the reputation of a billiards goddess. Natural stained maple on the forearm and sleeve is decorated with purple and black points and dainty hearts. A black Irish linen wrap with white specks completes the butt design. With its stainless steel joint and quality construction, this affordable cue provides a firm hit similar to a Joss or Schon. Created for women by women, this cue consists of a slightly thinner shaft, shorter 57" length and a free 10" Obisius hardwood extension to sink hard-to-reach shots. A one-year warranty on parts and workmanship is included.


  • Tip: 12.5 mm proprietary tip
  • Ferrule: 1" Linen ferrule
  • Shaft: 28.5” with 10” pro taper. A maple shaft with a black collar with thin silver ring.
  • Collar: Stainless steel Joint
  • Joint: Piloted brass insert in threading
  • Pin: 5/16x18 pin with a steel collar
  • Forearm: Natural stained maple with Purple and Black Points w/ purple heart overlays and encased by black rings with a thin silver ring inside
  • Ring: thin silver ring
  • Wrap: Black with white spec Irish linen
  • Sleeve: The sleeve is natural stained maple with Decorative Purple heart encased by black rings with thin silver rings inside
  • Plate: Black with gold Action emblem with brass ring at bottom
  • Bumper: Threaded black rubber that unscrews so you can add the extension. EXTENSION: Threaded brass collar on an Obisius hardwood (a rich dark colored hardwood similar to ebony) extension.
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