Action - 2/2 Oval HardZoom

Action - 2/2 Oval Hard

Action - 2/2 Oval Hard
Item# AC22
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2 butt and 2 shaft tube style case. Spacious pockets, carrying handles, and shoulder strap.

Exterior Colors- Smooth: Black, blue, light gray, orange, pink, white and burgundy. Textured: Brown, royal blue, purple, and red.

Shape- Oval.

Material- Vinyl.

Pockets- 2

Top- 6" long Bottom- 16 inches long

Base- Flat

Length- 32"


Structure- Poured rubber mold casing

Lining- Soft felt

Direction- Shaft inserts in either direction

Butt- Butt inserts in either direction

Length- Fits up to 30" shaft (Fits Tightly)
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